Door Styles Macomb MI

Door choices have a huge impact on a home’s security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic. For this reason, choosing the right Door styles Macomb MI is an important decision for homeowners. Exterior doors must be strong against the elements and interior doors should complement the aesthetic. Thankfully, local dealers can help!

Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors are the most common interior doors used in modern homes. These doors have a veneer of wood or fiberboard applied to a honeycombed cardboard core and are the lightest of door types. They are cheap, easy to install, and can save homeowners thousands of dollars on home construction costs.

However, a hollow core door can be easily damaged by everyday use. The end of a broom handle, a pry bar, or even a fist can puncture the surface. Hollow core doors are also not weather resistant and will degrade over time when exposed to humidity or rain.

There are alternatives to hollow core doors that offer a good balance between cost and functionality. Solid-core MDF doors feature a plywood interior with a real wood veneer exterior that can provide the look of solid-wood doors for less money. These doors are still quite heavy but they are good at slowing sound transmission and may have better fire resistance than hollow-core doors.

Solid Wood Doors

Wood doors are the premium choice in a house, providing an elegant aesthetic and high level of security. Unlike hollow core or solid-core doors, which use a plywood interior with a wood fiber exterior to mimic the look and feel of solid wood, genuine solid wood doors are actually made from a single, unified piece of natural wood.

Solid wood doors provide superior insulation that can help keep rooms at the desired temperature and prevent heat loss, especially if they are properly framed, hung, and sealed. They also provide excellent sound-blockage, depending on the type of wood.

For homeowners who prefer the authentic look and feel of real wood, Jeld-Wen offers a full line of molded wood composite interior doors that are virtually indistinguishable from solid-wood doors and provide the same level of energy efficiency. These doors are available in a range of colors and one-of-a-kind designs, including mullions, stiles, and rails that hold panels with decorative contours.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are extremely tough and sturdy. They can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without warping or distorting. They have the highest tolerance for moisture content in air of any door option and don’t shrink or expand due to temperature fluctuations.

They can also be fitted with polyurethane foam fill to help insulate the home, minimizing the amount of heat that transfers between the outside and inside of your house. This reduces your energy bills and helps keep your home or business comfortable.

They are also highly secure, resisting attempts at forced access far more than other door types can. On the downside, they can be hard for a do-it-yourselfer to make cut outs in post-installation as they are not designed to be trimmed or planed like wood or fiberglass. Their heaviness can be a disadvantage as well as they are not easy to move around when needed. Choosing the right door for your home or business can be a challenge. Let Tom Adams help you determine which options will best meet your needs.

Fiberglass Doors

A front door isn’t just a pretty centerpiece — it also traps heat in the winter and blocks out summer sun. The ENERGY STAR® certified Signet fiberglass entry door minimizes thermal transfer with polyurethane foam and an anodized bronze threshold. It also helps to keep out intruders and harsh weather, and it’s a breeze to clean and maintain.

Whether you’re building a new home or updating an existing one, the molded wood composite interior doors from Jeld-Wen give you stylish options and designs to match your style. You can choose from a variety of woods, finishes, colors and one-of-a-kind glass designs and accents.

For a commercial space, aluminum storefront doors are ideal for businesses that want a versatile and durable option. These doors come in either smooth or wood grain texture, and they can be stained or painted to your preference. They’re also energy efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs and helping to create a comfortable environment for employees and customers alike.