Casement Windows for Your Home

Casement windows Macomb MI

Create a stunning view and add fresh air to your home with wood casement windows. They feature slim sightlines and can be personalized with innovative grilles, interior paints and stains, exterior colors, and more.

Unlike double-hung windows that have two moveable sashes, casement and awning windows open with a simple crank of the handle. They’re ideal for capturing natural breezes in rainy weather.


With a design that hinges on the left or right side, Casement windows can open and swing outward to the left or right allowing for full top-to-bottom ventilation. This makes them a perfect choice for hard-to-reach areas like above kitchen sinks. The unique design also helps keep air flowing throughout the house, reducing humidity and increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

When choosing a Casement window, you’ll have the option between single-pane, double-pane, or triple-pane glazing. Double-pane and triple-pane windows provide superior insulation and noise reduction, but they’ll also cost more to purchase and install.

Other factors that can impact your final Casement window cost include frame material and labor costs. Vinyl windows are the most affordable option, while wood and aluminum frames offer premium benefits at a higher price point. Some brands also offer fiberglass and composite frames for a custom look. Talk to a contractor about your preferences and budget to find the best casement window for your home.


A casement window is one of the most popular styles of windows for your home, thanks to its outward opening design. Besides being easy to open, these windows also offer great ventilation capacity and a clean and unobstructed view. Moreover, they are also fitted with world-class locking systems for your family’s security.

Casement windows also have slim sightlines, which allows for larger glass panes. They are a perfect window choice for second story locations or hard-to-reach areas like above the kitchen sink. They also make a fantastic accent piece for your living room or dining room.

Whether you prefer a contemporary look or a traditional design, Tittle Brothers can provide the perfect window solution for your Michigan home. Choose from a wide variety of colors and shapes for your replacement windows. Add a grid pattern for a more traditional look or go with a sleek frame for a modern look. Whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to enjoy your new windows for years to come.

Energy Efficiency

Ideal for ventilation, casement windows can fully open to usher in the breeze and maximize air circulation. They’re also easy to operate, with one sash that opens outward via a hand crank. Unlike double-hung windows that feature two sashes that can develop leaks over time, Casement windows close tightly in the frame to keep out energy-robbing drafts.

Casement window frames come in a range of materials, with vinyl being the most affordable and widely available option. Wood and fiberglass are more expensive, but they deliver unique advantages that make them worth the investment.

Whether you’re interested in a modern or traditional design, these window styles can complement any architectural style. You can add lite bars to create a grid pattern, or choose to leave the glass unobstructed for an uninterrupted view. Egress windows are a great option for basement sleeping areas and offer homeowners peace of mind and added resale value when it’s time to sell.


Hinged on the side and opened by a crank, casement windows are easy to open and close. They’re perfect for capturing breezes and offer superior energy efficiency. They can be paired with other window styles for beautiful combinations like awning windows.

With multipoint locking and hidden hardware, casement windows provide greater security than other window types. They also don’t have sections separating your view so you can enjoy the best views.

Basement egress windows (or escape windows) are required in rooms where people can sleep, such as basements and some bedrooms. They open outward like a door and must be large enough to enable a safe exit in an emergency.

They’re available in several sizes and shapes and can be combined with other window styles to create unique configurations. They can even be incorporated into bay and bow windows. Choose from many colors, hardware options, and grilles to make them your own. Our windows are backed by our 100% Lifetime Window Guarantee.