Door Styles for Homes in Macomb MI

There are many choices to consider when choosing the perfect door for your home. From material to style, each choice can affect your budget and aesthetic. Solid wood doors offer durability, resistance to cracking, and add an elegant look. Glass doors provide a more contemporary feel, while also letting in natural light and enhancing privacy.

Hollow Core

Hollow core interior doors are constructed with a thin veneer over an engineered wood or MDF core. These doors are lightweight and less expensive than solid wood or solid core options. They offer a good level of durability for closets, pantries and pantry doors where homeowners may hang heavy items like coat racks or hooks.

Homeowners who are looking to add a more custom look to their home can refinish these doors by sanding them down or use a stencil or paint to dress up the door. These doors are not ideal for bedrooms or home offices because they do not provide a good level of sound and heat insulation.

Reeb stocks a number of traditional and new styles of primed semi solid interior doors that feature wood stiles glued to a composite center. These doors are much lighter than a full solid wood door and offer the look of a true solid door without the cost or weight. They do however, resist expansion and shrinkage due to temperature and moisture changes and are better at insulating against noise and heat.

Solid Wood

The quality and weight of a solid wood door exude class and are a great choice for homes that want to create a welcoming atmosphere. Solid doors also provide superior resistance against forced entry compared to hollow core alternatives.

Solid doors can be crafted from various types of lumber including pine, alder, maple and walnut. They can be manufactured into a variety of styles such as paneled doors, louvered doors and more.

Unlike hollow-core doors, solid wood door panels are fabricated from mullions, stiles and rails that hold floating panels of wood. This allows them to look like one piece of wood when stained or painted.

These are the most durable and versatile interior doors available, as they can be crafted in nearly any style you want. While they may be more expensive than their hollow-core counterparts, they have the added benefit of greater customization and better sound deadening qualities. Solid wood doors, however, have less resistance to humidity related damages and must be refinished more often than their hollow-core counterparts.


Doors made of glass are beautiful, and they look great in homes with all kinds of design styles. They let in natural light, which can make your home feel brighter and more cheerful. This can also reduce your need for artificial lighting during the day. It can also help you feel more connected to nature, as you can see the outdoors through your doors.

You can get glass doors in a variety of shapes and patterns, depending on your style. They can be hinged or sliding, and they can be framed or frameless. You can also choose from different types of glass, including clear or blurred. You can even have them adorned with decorative bars to enhance their beauty and add privacy.

Glass doors are popular among homeowners who want to bring a modern look to their homes. These doors are often paired with aluminum frames to create a sleek, contemporary look. They can also be used in combination with stacking doors to maximize the visual connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Aluminum doors are an excellent choice for those looking to maximize natural light, create a sleek aesthetic, and save on energy costs. They also provide a strong and durable barrier that protects against the elements.

One popular type of aluminum door is the bi-fold door, which has a simple structure and does not take up much space when open. These doors can be opened as much or as little as you want, and some people even leave them half-open during the day to allow for air circulation.

There are a number of different options when it comes to choosing an aluminum door, so be sure to do your research before making a final decision. You’ll want to choose a contractor who has extensive experience with this type of material and knows how to properly install it. Choosing the right contractor will ensure that your new door is long-lasting and low maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about it breaking down or rusting, and you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.