Connecting Indoors and Out With Patio Doors

When it comes to seamlessly connecting indoors and out, patio doors are a homeowner’s dream come true. These specialized doorways not only elevate home design but offer brighter ambiance, security assurance, and energy efficiency—all for an affordable cost.

Local Burner Well specialists are ready to provide the specialized services your patio doors need to stay in great shape for years to come.


Whether you require minor patio door repairs to ensure that they keep performing at their best or are looking to have stunning new Macomb MI patio doors installed, local Burner Well specialists can provide the specialized solutions you need. Their experienced contractors are ready to visit your home to provide you with a free, at-home consultation, assessment, and estimate for all of your patio door service needs.

There are few additions that offer the same level of beauty, comfort, and security as a beautiful new set of patio doors. They can seamlessly connect your indoor ambiance with the natural splendor of your outdoor space while offering unparalleled energy efficiency and reduced utility bills.

Moreover, a wide range of design styles are available to suit your personal tastes. Choose from durable vinyl doors that stand out for their affordability and energy efficiency, uPVC doors that deliver sleek, stylish designs and peace of mind, aluminum patio doors that combine durability with a rust-resistant finish, or glass doors that flood homes with light while providing impressive insulating properties.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners are wary of putting in patio doors because they worry about the effect on their energy bills. It’s understandable, especially in Michigan, which has long cold winters and hot summers. But modern patio doors are made with energy efficiency in mind.

They feature insulated frames, glass, and weatherstripping seals to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Some also use low-e glass, which reflects heat instead of transmitting it into your home, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Whether you need small patio door repairs or want to install stunning new ones, your local Burner Well specialists are here to help. With decades of hands-on experience, they can provide the specialized services you need at prices that won’t break the bank. Call today to set up a free at-home consultation, assessment and estimate!


Imagine sliding your patio door open to the balcony in your dining room on a warm summer evening with friends and family around your table. This will allow the fresh air to flow through and help remove food odors from your home, especially in southeast Michigan.

Patio doors aren’t just an addition or upgrade to your home; they’re a statement of style. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, US Window & Door has the right solution for every taste.

Bifold patio doors are a beautiful option for homes with limited outdoor space. They feature a classic accordion appearance and bring a crisp, inviting fluidity from inside to outside. They’re a perfect complement to homes with contemporary structural design. Milgard Trinsic patio doors are a great choice for homeowners who prioritize protection from the elements. Their durable aluminum frames provide a barrier against harsh weather patterns, and they’re crafted with safety in mind.


Many people think about the beauty and utility of patio doors, but they’re also a major security point. Because they often feature wide expanses of glass, thieves can break into a home through these doors with little effort. However, you can prevent this by installing a deadbolt lock.

Sliding glass patio doors can be vulnerable to robbers, as well, because of their simple latches that are easy to disengage with a quick jiggle. You can make your sliding doors more secure by adding a vacation lock or a door bar, and you can even install shatterproof window film to the exterior of your sliding glass patio doors.

Whether you need an inexpensive Macomb patio door repair or want to invest in stunning new patio doors, local Burner Well contractors can provide you with the specialized solutions that will keep your Macomb home secure for years to come. Contact your local office today to learn more about the exceptional service that’s backed by over 33 years of experience!