Front Entry Doors Macomb MI

Front entry doors are more than just a barrier between your home and the outside world. They must be tough against the elements, easy on the eyes and blend well with your home’s existing aesthetic.

They also must keep cold air out during winter and hot sun out during summer. Many manufacturers provide ENERGY STAR rated doors that help reduce energy costs.


Your home’s doors serve a number of purposes. They protect your family and possessions from intruders, act as a barrier against harsh weather elements, and blend in with the existing aesthetic of each room. It’s no wonder that choosing the right door for your needs can be challenging! Fortunately, door dealers and installers near Macomb MI offer the best selection of doors that combine beauty, durability, and functionality.

Front entry doors are the first thing visitors see and the main point of contact with your home. They must look beautiful and resist rusting, rotting, and warping over time. They also need to keep cold air out during winter and hot air out during summer, while minimizing energy costs.

Fortunately, Therma-Tru front doors are built to perform as beautifully as they look. Featuring state-of-the-art security features, they are designed for easy upkeep and come with industry-leading warranties that cover both hardware and finish. Wrought iron hinge straps and clavos add Old-World elegance, while customized knobs and handles help you create a unique visual effect. Textured glass panels and sidelight windows allow natural light to filter in for added visual impact.


Your front door should be tough against the elements and easy on the eyes. It should also provide a number of important benefits to your home, including keeping it safe and insulated. Fortunately, today’s front doors are designed to perform just as well as they look.

Steel is one of the most durable entry door materials. It is harder to damage than fiberglass and resists rusting. However, it’s a good idea to tend to any scratches on steel immediately, or they can become rusted.

If you want a sturdy door that’s easy to clean, consider choosing a fiberglass front door. This durable material offers many style options, including wood grain patterns. It can even be stained to create a custom look. It is more attractive than steel, but less expensive and harder to dent than wood. It’s also resistant to moisture and humidity. This means that you’ll save money on energy costs. It also has a polyurethane foam fill, which helps to insulate your home and keep your heating and cooling costs low.


A quality front door looks beautiful and makes a statement, welcoming guests into your home and helping to keep them safe and comfortable. There are a number of ways to enhance your entry doors to make them unique, including adding wrought iron hinge straps and clavos for an Old-World look or customizing the hardware with a variety of knobs and handles. Textured glass panels allow natural light into the entrance and can also create a decorative flair.

Door dealers and installers in Macomb MI can offer a number of classic styles, colors and finishes that are sure to compliment your home. Deep blues and dove grays are a great option for traditional homes, while contemporary homes benefit from the sleek look of steel door models. ProVia Embarq fiberglass front doors, for example, combine a classic wood-mimicking appearance with top-tier energy efficiency. By using channels to trap air, these entry doors help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Energy efficiency

Your front door is more than just a decorative statement piece; it’s an important part of your home’s resale value, security and energy efficiency. It needs to be tough against the elements and easy on the eyes. Door dealers and installers can help homeowners design exterior and interior doors that blend with the aesthetic of their homes.

The right entry door can minimize heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outside, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. A flimsy material or a small opening between the bottom of the door and the threshold can let out a substantial amount of air, so look for doors with polyurethane foam fill, an anodized bronze threshold for a tight seal and a Q-Lon weather strip.

The Signet fiberglass entry door from Home, Door & Window Products is designed to reduce your energy costs with a multi-pane glass option and an insulated core. These features work together to trap heat in during the winter and keep it out in the summer, saving you money on your energy bills.