Residential Windows

Window replacement specialists offer a wide range of energy-efficient windows that can help you save on your home’s heating and cooling costs. They also offer a wide variety of window styles that can complement your home’s architecture and design.

Performing regular maintenance on your windows can prevent them from becoming damaged by moisture. Check your windows for ripped weather stripping or caulking and clogged weep holes that could allow moisture to enter your home.

Double-Hung Windows

Double hung windows are classic and beautiful. Traditionally made with aluminum, these windows are now available in fiberglass for durability and energy efficiency. They have thermal breaks to stop the transfer of cold and heat, argon filled sashes and low E coating for exceptional performance in our local Macomb County weather.

They’re easy to open and promote airflow. They also help lower your energy bill and protect your furniture, carpeting and flooring from fading.

Wood double hung windows have a timeless beauty and elevate the style of any home. They’re available in Craftsman, Tudor, Mediterranean and other popular styles.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows provide a classic, traditional aesthetic and are available in different frame materials to match your home. Fiberglass frames are durable and resistant to rotting, warping and insect damage, while wood offers a natural look and insulation benefits.

Your window installation experts can help you choose the best replacements for your home by providing guidance on style options and design. They can also explain how your new windows will perform and save energy, reducing utility costs over time. They offer industry-leading warranties and install ENERGY STAR windows that meet energy efficiency standards. These windows feature thermal breaks to stop the transfer of heat and cold, argon-filled sashes and Low E glass to reduce air leakage.

Casement Windows

Unlike traditional double-hung windows, casement windows hinge on the side and open by swinging outward using a crank. They provide maximum top-to-bottom ventilation to reduce humidity and increase energy efficiency.

They can be customized with a wide range of finishes, innovative grilles, interior paints and stains to reflect your home’s design style. You can also add lite bars for a more traditional look or window grids for more modern appeal.

Well-maintained casement windows can increase your property value and enhance your home’s security. Repairing cracked hinges, frames and hardware improves the window’s ability to block drafts and air leakage, reducing your energy costs.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom upwards and can be opened during rainy Michigan days to bring in a breeze without letting the inside of your home get soaked. Available with a wide range of glass options, window grids, and frame colors and designs, you can create a look that perfectly complements your space.

Awning windows are also a smart choice for energy efficiency in your Michigan home, thanks to their ability to seal tightly when closed. Coupled with argon or krypton gas filled sashes and Low E coating, they provide performance that is comparable to Energy Star rated windows. They can also be fitted with security features for enhanced protection against robbery.

Garden Windows

Garden windows add a unique touch to any room by creating an in-home space for growing plants, herbs and other small decorative items. They are often installed in kitchens, but they can be installed anywhere in the home where homeowners want to create a well-lit space for indoor gardening. Modern garden windows are designed with energy-efficient features to help maintain indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.

Local window installation services can provide expert advice on choosing the right windows for your home. They will help you choose from traditional, contemporary and wood replacement windows that fit with your home’s architectural style. They can also recommend windows in a variety of sizes and types to meet your budget and functional needs.

Sliding Windows

Like dual pane windows, these provide energy efficiency by sandwiching two window panes together with Argon or Krypton gas. This increases the insulating properties of your home and helps to reduce your heating and cooling costs in Macomb County MI.

Sliding windows offer unobstructed views and easy ventilation, and can be fitted with a range of opening and closing options. They can even be combined with Bay windows to create a unique look.

Window prices vary by material, with each option offering different benefits in terms of climate and energy efficiency. Choose a contractor with experience working with a variety of framing materials to ensure that they’re familiar with your project’s specific needs.