Popular Styles of Vinyl Windows in Macomb MI

Vinyl windows are popular among homeowners in Macomb, and are a great choice for many homes. Local window installation services can help you choose the best vinyl windows for your home style, budget and energy efficiency objectives.

Window frames hold glass panes in place, and have a big impact on the window’s appearance. But some problems can arise with these frames.

Double Hung

The double hung vinyl window is a classic windows style that offers ideal energy efficiency. It allows you to open both the top and bottom window sashes, making it easy to ventilate your home.

MI windows are a favorite of builders and homeowners across the country. Founded in 1947 as a window-screening business, MI now fabricates windows and patio doors in multiple series.

They are available in a range of frame materials, including vinyl and fiberglass. They also offer a wide variety of aesthetic options.


Designed with comfort in mind, Geneva windows feature extruded lift rails, fusion-welded sashes, sloped sills, and superior insulation to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These vinyl windows come in double hung, slider and picture window options.

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Many homeowners prefer casement windows for their durability and design. They come with narrow frames that maximize glass area for unobstructed views and natural light.

They can be single or double-pane. A triple-pane window has two air pockets that improve energy efficiency compared to a double-pane window with a Low-E coating.

MI offers a line of mid-range vinyl windows. These windows are made of a durable material and feature color, grille, finish, and glass options.

Single Hung

Single hung vinyl windows open upwards with a single sash. The sashes also tilt in for easy maintenance and cleaning. These are a good choice for new home construction or replacement.

MI windows come with a lifetime limited warranty. Some are ENERGY STAR qualified.

Energy performance is high for these windows with thermal breaks and options like Low-E glass. They are also durable with high PG ratings that show leak resistance.

Single Sash

Window World offers energy-efficient windows that meet Energy Star guidelines. They are available in wood and vinyl. The windows feature a constant force balance system that allows the sash to open and close easily.

They come with a thermal break, argon gas, and Low E glass. They are an excellent choice for energy conscious Macomb County MI homeowners.

Unlike double hungs, they are hinged on one side and open using a crank. They offer a beautiful look for your home. They are easy to clean from the inside.

Double Sash

In addition to being an affordable option, vinyl windows protect homes from harsh weather conditions, burglary, and unwanted noise pollution. They also require very little maintenance since they do not need to be painted or stained.

Milgard offers a selection of vinyl frames with different options in terms of color and aesthetics. These include the Trinsic and Tuscany collections. The Hurricane Shield Series is an even more durable option with a stronger focus on impact resistance and energy efficiency. It includes awning, casement, single-hung, and sliding window styles.

Triple Sash

Triple Sash windows have two window panes with a small pocket of air in between. This adds insulation and keeps the heat in during our cold Michigan winters.

These windows have wood on the interior and a solid aluminum or fiberglass exterior to protect against local weather elements and burglary. They are gaining popularity with homeowners who want the beauty of wood and the performance of an Energy Star rated window.

Single Sliding

Unlike double hung windows where both sashes can be lowered to allow ventilation, single-sliding window only lets the lower section slide up. These windows are a good choice for rooms that don’t need airflow, such as an attic or basement.

MI offers a variety of energy-efficient vinyl windows that meet ENERGY STAR requirements. These include warm-edge spacer systems, Low E glass and other features.

Composite and clad windows are available for those seeking the durability of vinyl or fiberglass, with the artistry that wood can provide.

Double Sliding

The double slider window opens horizontally from one side and offers many glass options. They are popular among homeowners with large picture windows or for new construction homes.

The Pella Hurricane Shield Series provides incredible durability and shields your home from harsh weather, burglary, and unwanted noise pollution. It offers several color options and comes in awning, casement, single-hung, and sliding window forms.