Window Styles For Your Home

When choosing window styles for your home, consider your energy efficiency goals and aesthetic preferences. Your window installation professional can provide guidance on options that meet your needs and budget.

Unlike single-hung windows, double hung window sashes open both vertically and horizontally. They also tilt to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Dual Pane

Double-pane windows are popular among many homeowners because they provide great insulation for their homes. They are made of two panes of glass separated by an air pocket that is usually filled with colorless gas like argon or krypton. The air pocket prevents heat from escaping during winter or entering in summer.

Besides saving energy costs, double-pane windows also reduce noise and help keep home occupants comfortable. They also reduce your carbon footprint since you will be using less fossil fuel for electricity which in turn helps mitigate global warming.

You can choose from a variety of double-pane window styles including bay windows, casements and awnings. However, the most commonly requested style is double hung windows which open by sliding the top and bottom sashes upwards. They are similar to single hung windows but have the added benefit of allowing both sashes to tilt inward for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Triple Sash

With two windows that open inward, this window type allows ventilation on both sides of the home. Argon or Krypton gas can be added to the space between the panes which makes them much more energy efficient during our cold Michigan winters.

These windows are hinged from the bottom like casement windows, but can also tilt inward as a picture window. These are a great option for Macomb MI homeowners that want fresh air in the summer without worrying about rain coming in or bugs getting in.

Bays are a nice feature that increases natural light and adds interest to any room. They are usually made up of five or more windows that combine one fixed and one functioning window on each side to create a unique look. These windows are popular with Macomb County Michigan homeowners and come in a variety of styles including traditional, art deco, Californian bungalow and Colonial. They are available with solid wood interior factory stained to match furniture and accents and a durable fiberglass exterior that will resist rotting and damage.

Transom Windows

Transom windows, which sit above doors and other windows in your home, add character. They were popular in medieval homes and can enhance modern homes as well. These windows are more decorative than functional, but they offer a unique style that can complement a wide range of styles.

Located above doorways, these windows can provide natural light to interior rooms and help with ventilation. They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that matches your home’s design aesthetic. You can also find transom windows that are energy-efficient, which can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Window installation professionals can help you choose the perfect option for your home. Find a local contractor by narrowing your search in the Pros section of Houzz, then browse through photos to see examples of their work. You can even contact contractors to ask questions or receive quotes.

Escape Windows

When you were a kid, your parents probably gave you the fire safety talk about how to break a window and climb out in case of an emergency. Today, homes with egress windows are more common because they make it easier to escape from the home in case of a fire and bring in natural light to basement areas that would otherwise be dark.

An egress window must be big enough for a person to get through, and the opening must be clear of any hardware like latches. These windows typically swing out or open to the side and are larger than other types of windows.

Window installation experts can help you pick the best window type for your needs and home style. They can also explain different cost factors that will affect your final cost, such as warranty fees, permit-related costs and labor. Some companies offer free quotes on their website. Universal Windows Direct is one example and offers Energy Star-certified UniShield brand windows.